A MEN'S mental health charity is opening a new centre in Bury.

Andy’s Man Club, which has 85 bases around the UK will be opening a new one at Bury Sports Club on March 7, offering a chance for men struggling with mental health issues to talk through their issues.

The charity was founded by Luke Ambler, after his brother-in-law, Andy Roberts, committed suicide as a way for men to understand mental health issues.

Luke Tetlow-Cross, a volunteer with the charity and one of the main facilitators of the new centre in Bury, said: “When I joined this charity early last year I was in a dreadful place, but I’ve seen the work they do and it’s inspiring.

“In November 2020, my dad died and he was my greatest friend and confidante, so his death was devastating.

“Things got really bad and I broke down on New Year’s Eve, which is when I decided to join the club.

“So many people that have reached rock bottom have come in here, and had their lives turned around and change forever so I can’t recommend it enough, whether you’ve had a rough year, week, or just a day.”

Andy Man’s Club will host weekly meetings at the sports club every Monday at 7pm, except bank holidays.

A Bury Sports Club spokesman said: “We would like to welcome Andy Man Club to Bury Sports Club.

“All the members at Bury Sports Club support men’s mental health and encourage men to talk about their own mental health issues.

“Andy Man Club at Bury Sports Club will be a great benefit for our members and the Bury community as a whole.”