Boris Johnson has revealed how the UK is helping to support Ukraine, as it tries to fight back against invading Russian forces.

The Prime Minister tweeted out an image detailing some of the actions that his Government has taken so far.

This includes imposing sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Larov, five Russian banks and hundreds of companies and oligarchs "at the heart of Putin's regime".

Additionally, military support has been sent to the Polish border with Ukraine, and a "full package of support" has been offered to NATO to "strengthen its eastern flank".

Furthermore, the Government are providing £100m for economic reform and energy independence in Ukraine and guaranteeing up to $500m of Development Bank financing.

Lastly, it mentioned that the Government had convened the Joint Expeditionary Force "bringing together members from the EU, NATO and Nordic states".

However, the Government has faced criticism for not setting up a path for Ukrainian refugees to reach the UK.

Home Secretary Priti Patel did announce visa concession for Ukrainians already in the UK for work, study and tourism, extending the time they have before they have to leave, but no resettlement scheme has been announced for refugees fleeing the country.