The past few weeks have witnessed encouraging news for those of us who wish to see the return of Bury FC to the Football league.

On one hand the ownership of the stadium has been achieved with the help of the Government contribution combined with strong support by various benefactors with Shakers in their DNA.

Our congratulations go to those in the Est.1885 group and Forever Bury for a job well done.

On the other hand we also pay tribute to the brilliant work done by AFC Bury in maintaining the fan base and establishing a winning team on the pitch.

Including season ticket holders, it is our understanding that the attendances approach 2000, which is quite remarkable and reflects great credit on those in charge at AFC Bury

There is obviously much work to be done, but now is surely the moment for these great talents to come together as true Shakers, all working for the restoration of a unified Bury FC.

It is vital that point scoring is solely in the hands of those on the pitch at Gigg Lane. Let’s move beyond nitpicking on either side, which, if successful, would destroy the potential for more funding and deny the chance of ever having Bury FC back in their rightful position in the Football League. Now is the time to move beyond our differences.

Derek Calrow OBE and Peter Alexander