A SHABBOS-FRIENDLY crossing is being installed in Prestwich, enabling people to cross the busy junction without pressing any buttons.

Shabbos, or Shabbat, is Judaism's day of rest on a Saturday which prohibits operating electrical equipment on that day.

Therefore, the new machine is being added to one of the biggest Orthodox Jewish communities in England, allowing residents to cross busy roads without operating electrical equipment at the crossing, and breaking the laws of Shabbos.

The special application is believed to be one of the only ones outside of London and will be added to traffic lights at the junction of Kings Road, Bury New Road, and George Street.  

The crossing, designed by the council and Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), is due to be installed once the junction has been fully built and will work on a periodical timer.

Councillor Richard Gold, cabinet member for communities at the council, said: “Prestwich is home to one of the largest Jewish communities in England, and this will be warmly welcomed by Jewish residents who observe the laws of Shabbos and are prohibited from operating electrical equipment on that day.

“It means that a pedestrian crossing period will automatically take place after the regular cycle of signals (red/amber/green).

“I’d like to thank officers at Bury Council and TFGM for their help in devising this.”