A mother-to-be started going into labour while sitting in the sun in a pub beer garden the day before Mother’s Day.

Danielle Twist, 28, and fellow pub-goers at Henighans Bar and Grill in Little Lever were shocked when Danielle, who was tucking into a plate of chicken wings and some Coca-Cola, went into labour, with her waters breaking in the pub beer garden on Saturday afternoon (March 26).

Bartender Emily Jade was not sure what to do so she called a local man, Scott who is a paramedic for the ambulance service.

Scott quickly came and helped the mother-of-three, getting her into his car and over to the hospital where 12 hours later she gave birth at 2.36am on Mother’s Day to a healthy baby boy, Kingsley Harrison.

Danielle said: “Thank you so much to everyone at the pub for being so helpful.

“Everyone was quick to respond, I was at the hospital within 15 minutes.”

General Manager Emma Costello said: “Well we’ve had some events at the pub but never a near birth.

“We are so thankful to both Emily and Scott for their quick actions, care and attention and we can report Danielle and baby Kingsley Harrison are doing just fine.

“It truly is a Happy Mother’s Day.”

The managing director of Henighans, Nick Howcroft said he was shocked to hear the events that unfolded yesterday but sends best wishes to Danielle.

He added: “Congratulations to Danielle on a happy and healthy baby – and please don’t have any more babies in the beer garden.

“We really have amazing staff and amazing customers who were just fantastic in helping Danielle out.”