A FORMER Bury College student will be travelling to Iraq to film a documentary about life after the war.

Zain Ullah, 20, currently a student at Manchester Metropolitan University will be creating a documentary called "Life after War: Iraq".

It will examine how the Second Persian Gulf war has changed people’s daily lives nearly 11 years on since the end of the war.

He said: “I was really intrigued about this war that took place and how the invasion took place and the consequences of war and life after the war and what happened to people and the quality of their lives after it.

“The documentary is about how people cope with war after the invasion and how people have been personally affected.

“I’ll be asking the local residents to share their personal accounts and their lasting memories of life under the regime, the US invasion and the years of chaos that followed including the violence, rise of ISIS and the US withdrawal and how the effects still linger on to this very day.”

He will also be finding out what can be done to help civillians in war-torn countries who are suffering the consequences by invasions.

Zain will be travelling to Iraq in July with plans to air the documentary at the end of the year.

As well as interviewing residents, he will be interviewing the son of the former chief minister who was a member of ex-Prime Minister Saddam Hussein’s inner circle.

He also hopes to interview some British politicians too.

When in Iraq, Zain will be travelling with a guide to the former capital of ISIS, Tikrit / Anbar and the cities still occupied by ISIS as well as Baghdad.

He has made a trailer which has been viewed nearly 30,000 times and it can be viewed on Instagram on @journalistnetwork.