When award-winning Welsh band Calan come to Bury Met as part of their extensive UK tour next week, there’ll be a few unusual items waiting in the dressing room. Drinks and snacks are provided for most bands but Winalot and Bonio? That’s something you’ll only find when Calan hit the road.

Because while band members Sam Humphreys (guitars), Patrick Rimes (fiddles) and Bethan Rhiannon (vocals and accordion) move from hotel to hotel on their trek across the country, Calan’s world-class harpist Shelley Musker Turner won’t be separated from her two dogs.

And if that sometimes means sleeping in her tour van with River and Celyn - and her full-sized Celtic harp - so be it.

“They’re very protective and very warm,” says Shelley. “When you’ve played your heart out at full volume, and the place has been bouncing, they’re just what you need to come back to, a peaceful place.

“The rest of the band may have their comfy beds but not all hotels are pet-friendly so I’ve got my comfy dogs. It’s a good-sized van that used to be a commercial vehicle.

“I’ve been busy customising it so there’s space for them and me and my harp to be warm and snug, and they absolutely love it.”

Barnstorming Calan, Britain’s most innovative and thrilling indie-trad band, will be showcasing their new album Kistvaen at the Met on Tuesday night. This critically-acclaimed work, produced just before lockdown, is being performed live for the first time.

Expect intricate, brilliant musicianship welded to foot-stamping, crowd- pleasing, soaring melodies and vocals… plus, likely as not, some blinding step-and clog-dancing.

“We’re conscious of The Met’s great traditions and the awards it’s won,” says Calan’s violin virtuoso Patrick. “Some of the country’s most cutting-edge performances have happened here, so we’ve got a lot to live up to. We’re up for the challenge and we’re not going to let anyone down.”

Calan, Bury Met, Tuesday, April 5. Details from www.themet.org.uk