A COFFEE shop in Bury will turn the clock back 45 years at a fun day to help people amid the cost of living crisis. 

Number Ten Coffee Shop on Crompton Street will sell items at the event for the same prices as they were in 1977 - when a store at the site first opened - at a time when energy bills and other costs have shot up.

The Crompton Street business' message for the occasion is that "Number 10 in London is putting prices up while Number Ten in the North is dropping them".

Co-owner Robert Watts said: “We’ve only been open a year but the shop itself is about 45 years old so we thought that we’d have a bit of an event and drop the prices down to what they were in 1977.

"We’ll all be dressed up and there will be a menu from back then.

“The mayor is coming along. Everyone who has heard about it loves it and it’s been all over social media.

"Everyone’s all on board and it will be a fun day.”

Number Ten is situated a quiet spot in Bury so not many people know about its location.

Robert added: “We just want to give something back and just have a fun day and to be acknowledged because everyone keeps coming in and saying everything’s gone up and we’ve got no money and we just thought it would be fun to drop it back to how it was.

“Lots of customers will come in and wear 70s clothes, they can’t wait.

“In regards to prices, a basic tea with be 5.5 pence, so we will take a hit on the day but we’re just going to do it anyway and just have a fun day.”

Co-owner Linzie Watts said that when they took over the business it had taken a massive nosedive and was difficult to built back up again.

She said: “We had a big flood where the sewers in the street collapsed and flooded all the coffee shop, so we were then shut for 18 months, then Covid hit so it just kept pushing it back and the delays.

“When we did reopen, we were literally starting from scratch again. But now we’ve got quite a lot of staff under us.

"There are eight staff all together.

“A lot of people come in because of the décor of the shop.

"We have two themes, because the shop is number 10 the front end of the shop is a London/industrial theme, and the back bit is Alice in Wonderland so it’s quite interesting.”

The event will take place on Wednesday, April 20 and all the staff and customers have been asked to wear 70s clothing.