PUTIN is without doubt the most dangerous man in the world.

He is the Flashman, the school bully, the feral thug on the street and he needs to be stopped. He brags about these wonderful weapons he has and sounds just like Saddam Hussein.

But let’s not test him too much because he is such a deranged megalomaniac and he may just push the button.

He will not stop at Ukraine though. He wants the Soviet Union back as it was or even bigger. He has already cut off the oil and gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria - who is next?

My apologies for using the word ‘union’ because that word means a harmonious merger of peoples or countries which the soviet regime most certainly was not. It was a brutal dictatorship which caused the death of millions.

As for China. They are not saying much - just waiting to see what the outcome is going to be and if (God forbid Russia comes out on top ) then it’s goodbye Taiwan. Also North Korea will invade South Korea.

Back to Putin. Lets ostracise him and the country completely. Kick them out of everything so that the country is completely crippled. Close down all their businesses. Take away all their bank accounts. Don’t let any Russian sportsman/woman compete in anything.

M Horsman