Facelift plans for a "declining" and "largely unattractive" industrial estate include installing black, yellow and grey cladding on the buildings.

The owners of the Bealey Industrial Estate on Dumers Lane, Radcliffe, say the decline of the units has led to a "snowball effect".

Now plans have been lodged with Bury Council for a facelift programme for the site which includes cladding many of the buildings in yellow, black and grey materials.

Owners Highquote Limited say they plan to inject a large capital investment into the estate to improve all the buildings, access roads and boundaries to create "a new vibrant aesthetic for the estate".

The site on Bealey Industrial Estate on Dumers Lane in Radcliffe

The site on Bealey Industrial Estate on Dumers Lane in Radcliffe

A design and access statement in support of the plans said: “The site has been in the ownership of the applicant since 1982.

"In this time the site has been actively managed and has been a vibrant location of industry for many occupiers.

“However, in recent years with the introduction of new build industrial units locally, this estate has begun to decline. The process of decline works like a snowball.

“As the units became less popular they started to produce less income which in turn meant that the landlord was unable to spend as much on improvements and maintenance to the site and this spiral continues until the site falls into complete disrepair.

“The site is now only part used and has become generally unattractive.

"The built form and the general environment is of poor appearance and the function value of the estate is deteriorating.

“The proposal is to inject a large capital investment into the estate.

"The over cladding will be carried out on the most prominent areas of the estate, including the buildings that are at the start of the access road.

“The proposed works will give the estate an exciting and distinct identity which together with the other planned building maintenance will make the industrial estate an attractive workplace once again.”

Planners at Bury Council will deliberate on the plans in the coming weeks.