A plan to crackdown on alcohol-related crime has arrived in Bury with police and the council set to work to pubs and clubs to tackle the problem. 

After being launched in Manchester in 2003, more than 70 Best Bar None schemes now operate across the UK.

They focus on improving professionalism and standards of training as well as creating new ways to maximise safety and welfare.

On Tuesday night, the Best Bar None scheme was officially launched in Bury.

Partnership and licensing sergeant Andy Vernon is driving the Home Office-backed initiative forward in the borough.

At the event, Sergeant Vernon said: “Tonight, is just the beginning of a journey that we are all going to go on.

“Best Bar None has been going for some time now in different areas and as soon as I came to Bury from Bolton, I was really keen on making sure that we work towards Best Bar None standards in our town centre and then hopefully in the near future further afield to the outer districts such as Ramsbottom, Radcliffe and anywhere else that would like to be part of it.

“Best Bar None is a brilliant scheme for raising standards in licensed premises and I try my best to spread the word anywhere I go.”

The scheme's launch event was hosted at the Earl of Derby pub on Silver Street in Bury where representatives from Greater Manchester Police (GMP), the council and guest speakers were invited to highlight the benefits of Best Bar None to licensees.

Chief Supt Chris Hill said: “I am extremely proud of the work being done by a number of licensed premises in Bury to make our night-time economy safer and more enjoyable for all.

“The Bury scheme has been introduced following successful scheme in Bolton.

"The Bolton scheme has seen some real success since its initial launch in 2017.

“They have worked tirelessly to improve our night-time economy and it was this work that assisted in reducing violence within licensed premises by 33 per cent during the scheme’s first year. We are hoping to see the same level of success here in Bury."

Council deputy chief executive Lynne Ridsdale added: “I’m here to absolutely reflect the council’s commitment to all of this but also to represent the community safety partnership which I co-chair and where a number of the local leaders all work to continually improve safety within our borough.

“I’m really chuffed to see Best Bar None come to Bury as part of that, it’s the perfect time to bring in something so powerful.”

The Lord Smith of Hindhead, Philip Smith, who is the national Best Bar None chairman, said: "I am delighted to see Best Bar None being introduced in Bury, especially after the scheme has achieved great success in other towns within Greater Manchester.

“I look forward to hearing of the positive impacts that the scheme in Bury delivers for the town, its licensees, customers and partners."

The Best Bar None scheme is also hoping to be launched in other areas of Greater Manchester in the near future.