TWO hot beverage traders in Tottington have been allowed to continue trading after an online petition was launched to save them.

Love, Love Me Brew has been trading on The Lines at South Royd Steet on the weekends since October 2021, and The Little Leopard Coffee has been doing so since January this year.

Both were set up as a response to the pandemic and the need for outdoor community-focused spaces, as well as the lack of coffee outlets in the area.

The land they were operating on is actually owned by Leisure Services – not the council - which was discovered after a series of complaints about the vendors concerning littering, car parking issues, congestion, noise pollution and large numbers of people gathering.

Bury Council has now told both that they are allowed to continue at original site with a quieter generator, but it has also offered up a nearby site to appease complainants.

A local authority spokesman said the council has "suggested that they set up at a nearby spot – only 10m metres away, on our land between Towns Meadow Park and South Royd Street allotments – which we feel would be better and safer".  

“They’ve offered us a new one to have a look at which would work better for the other residents,” Amy Wilson of Little Leopard said.

“It’s just opposite, but off the lines.”

Ewan Sim, co-owner of Love, Love Me Brew, said: “It’s about 20 metres from where we are now.

Bury Times: Janine and Ewan Sim (Love, Love Me Brew) visiting Amy at Little Leopard Coffee at the site on The LinesJanine and Ewan Sim (Love, Love Me Brew) visiting Amy at Little Leopard Coffee at the site on The Lines

“It’s not on the lines and we might miss out on some passing trade, but it’s a nice little spot and if it keeps residents happy and the council off our backs then I’m all for it.”

Both traders have been blown away by the support they have been given by the community.

Amy said: “It’s been amazing. I’m still completely shocked by the amount of people who have signed the petition.

"I had a look this morning and we were almost at 2,000 which is crazy.

“I’m not sure, but I’m assuming this was a massive factor. I don’t think we’d be able to continue if it wasn’t for them.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone in the community and everyone we’ve met on The Lines.”

Ewan said: “It’s absolutely phenomenal. I was stunned.

“I was expecting 100 or 200.

“What we really appreciate is the heart-warming comments from people in the community.

"We knew we were in the community but didn’t realise we had become such a big part of it.”

Amy added: “I’m going to be open Sunday at the original location and will be either there or at the other side from then on.”