The Made in Bury Business Academy is inviting individuals who have started or are thinking of starting a new business after March 2020 to attend a discovery meeting.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday June 21 at Europa House, Business Lodge, on Barcroft Street in from 6pm to 7pm.

The discovery meeting will give start-ups and in-depth overview about what is covered in The Made in Bury Business Academy and there will be an opportunity to speak to current and past academy members during a Q&A session at the end of the meeting.

Businesses that are interested in the course can take away an application form for the 2022 course starting in September.

The academy was established in 2016 and provides training and mentoring support through a programme that consists of 18 modules.

These modules cover subjects such as building a brand, price positioning, selling skills, networking, social media among others and are delivered over the academic year by successful business owners and industry experts.

Each year the discovery meeting is attended by a range of Bury-based businesses from many sectors, including photographers, architects, event planners, digital marketing agencies, cake makers, cleaners, estate agents and dog groomers to name just a few, every business sector is invited to come along.

Debi and Phil Fellone from Made in Bury Ltd explain why they decided to set up the Business Academy.

They said: “Every year, thousands of new businesses are formed here in the UK and national statistics tell us that six out of 10 of those businesses fail.

“The business academy was created to help new business owners here in Bury, learn and grow, broadening their skills to help future-proof their business.”

The Made in Bury Business Academy is funded by the Made in Bury Weekly £2,000 Draw, a not-for-profit initiative licensed by Bury Council.

All profits go towards helping new businesses within the Bury area.

For more information about the business academy or any other Made in Bury events, please contact Phil Fellone on 0161 447 8814 or email