A man has been arrested after trying to escape from police officers while on a warrant for failing to appear in court.

The man had been due to appear in court for driving while banned and was spotted by police on patrol at Radcliffe Metrolink stop.

He tried to run and escape the officers but was eventually caught with the help of the public.

A police spokesperson said: “A number of people were stop searched and one male at Radcliffe Metrolink stop ran from officers and decided to garden hop and make his escape.

“Thanks to members of the public he was detained and after forgetting his name and date of birth we eventually found him to be wanted on warrant for failing to appear at court for disqualified driving.”

This came while officers were carrying out a wider crackdown on crime and anti-social behaviour at Metrolink stations in the area.

The spokesperson said: “GMP Transport Unit have been on duty this afternoon patrolling the transport network on the Bury District working in partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester, Metrolink and Go North West.

“We have had support from the police drone unit patrolling Whitefield and Radcliffe Metrolink stops and officers at Bury Interchange patrolling to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime.”