house in Ainsworth has been ravaged after a fire broke out with a solar panel fault being a "potential cause" of the blaze.

Kam Uppiah spoke about how her parents, aged 78 and 82, managed to escape the house on Euxton Close on the Seddons Farm estate just before the roof collapsed.

She said her father woke up at around 4.25am on Sunday, June 5 and heard a crackling sound coming from the loft.

He thought it might have been pigeons in the loft so looked where the loft hatch was and saw the paint curling.

He rushed to get his wife, 78, out of bed and within five minutes the roof had caved in.

Kam said: “The whole house is destroyed from the fire.

“There’s no roof, all of upstairs is destroyed and downstairs is completely water damaged so right now my parents are homeless and I’m trying to find somewhere for them to stay because they have a little dog as well.”

Kam said the fire service told her a fault has been found in a solar panel.

She added: “My parents are on my sofa currently, they’ve had one night on my sofa and if I can find somewhere even a Travelodge for now, I just need to find somewhere.

“I’m trying to look for somewhere like an Airbnb but the problem I have is my mum is at a Christies appointment at the moment suffering with cancer.”

Kam is trying to find somewhere nearby for them to stay as she lives in Salford and her parents rarely leave Bury area.

She said: “They’re completely lost at the moment, even just walking to the shop for a paper, my dad’s 82 so I want to find somewhere local for them.”

It has been predicted that the house will take around six months to repair.

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: “At approximately 4.20am on Saturday, June 4, three fire engines from Bury, Whitefield and Bolton North attended a fire involving an attic of a semi-detached property on Euxton Close, in Bury. 

“Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used three hose reels, one smoke curtain, a thermal imaging camera, two ladders and other specialist equipment to extinguish the fire.

Fire crews were in attendance for a number of hours.”

When asked about the cause of the fire, the spokesperson added: "The Fire Investigation Team were not able to attend this incident due to other serious incident investigations occurring at the same time.

"A full fire investigation was not completed, but attending fire crews did identify a faulty solar panel as a potential cause of this fire."