Greater Manchester’s night-time economy advisor believes Prestwich is about to “absolutely explode” as he takes his free drinks tour to the town this month.

Sacha Lord, who was appointed by Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham as the region’s first-ever advisor for the night-time economy in 2018, will visit the Crooked Man Bar on Sunday, July 17 offering an hour of drinks on him.

His appearance at the bar takes place amid a series of visits to venues across the region, which aim to highlight and support independent businesses in each of the 10 boroughs.

Sacha, who has been a vocal advocate of the hospitality industry, began his tour last month at the Adelphi Lads Club in Salford and he has also announced a visit to Bask in Stockport.

The Parklife founder says he hopes the tour gives recognition and gratitude to businesses and their regulars following the challenges of the pandemic and the effects of the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Mr Lord said: “I worry for the smaller, family independents, and I’ve always felt that way.

“I thought, let’s get out there into the ten boroughs of Manchester and I want to speak to the operators, the staff and especially the regulars and thank them for their support.

“What better way than actually getting out there and offering to buy everyone a pint.”

While hospitality is no longer subject to Covid-19 restrictions, Mr Lord says the industry is still feeling the effects of the pandemic while it contends with the rising cost of living.

He said: “A lot of the public seem to think that we’re out of Covid now, hospitality is fully up and running, everything’s great, shiny, it’s all hunky dory, but it really isn’t.

“I’ve always said it’s going to take three to five years to get to pre-pandemic levels because during that period people borrowed so much money, deferred bills deferred rents and VAT.

“No body thought we we’re going to get hit with the cost-of-living crisis.”

Lisa Dalgarno, who co-owns The Crooked Man with her husband Shaun Connelly, has welcomed Sacha’s visit and thanked residents for nominating their bar as one that deserved recognition.

She said: “We’re really pleased that he’s selected the Crooked Man, and he did this because he asked people on social media to nominate a bar or pub they thought deserved recognition.

“With the current financial climate, and with the cosy of living increase and Brexit, it's only going to continue, so this is going to cause difficult times ahead for hospitality businesses and the customers as well.

“Especially after the pandemic, when we we’re just getting back on our feet and then this comes along, so to see Sacha come to our bar on the 17th is an excellent opportunity for us and our staff and out customers to discuss the hopes of fears we’ve for the future of the hospitality industry.”

Mr Lord also has high hopes for Prestwich and says the town is an up-and-coming area to watch.

He added: “I just think Prestwich is about to absolutely explode if you looked at the whole of Greater Manchester, and somebody said to me ‘what area is going to be the next Didsbury or Chorlton’, I’m convinced it’s Prestwich.”