Travellers who had set up camp in Prestwich have been moved on as council officers try to evict another group in the village of Summerseat.

Travellers moved on St Mary’s Park over the weekend and have now left after being served with a notice. And now the local authority is attempting to remove a small camp in Summerseat which has been there for nearly two weeks.

Security at St Mary’s Park is set to be tightened to prevent Travellers from returning.

Bury Times: Travellers in PrestwichTravellers in Prestwich

This is the second time in three months that Travellers have moved onto the site and police were involved this week due to antisocial behaviour that was reported.

Cllr Alan Quinn, cabinet member for the environment, said: “We will be installing two height barriers; one at the St Mary's Road entrance and the other at the 'farm gate' on Rectory Lane.

“We are also investigating whether we can install CCTV in the park.

“These measures will be paid for using Section 106 monies from the Bellway Homes development on George Street in Sedgley Park."

Travellers first moved into a park off Waterside Road, Summerseat in early July.

They were given a notice period to leave the field two days later, but breached the order.

A spokesman for Bury Council said: “Direction notices have been served and we have a court date scheduled to obtain a removal order.”

Bury Times: Camp in SummerseatCamp in Summerseat

Cllr Liam Dean, Shadow Cabinet Member for Culture and the Economy said that the council have a 12-step process to follow to remove travellers, with the final step being enforced eviction.

They’re currently at stage seven and the Travellers have breached the notice period they were given on July 5 to leave the field.

Mr Dean also confirmed that he is in support of a padlocked gate to the Ruby Street entrance and has been in touch with the council about this.