Plans to build a house on green belt land has been met with more than 20 objections and residents have put letters on display near the site to make their feelings clear.

The land is situated within the Tanners and Carr Character Area of the Ramsbottom Conservation Area and is located opposite Eccles Street.

The site is within the green belt as well as being within the Ramsbottom Conservation Area.

The application has caused much upset to residents due to the fact the land is a green corridor and the congestion the building will cause to the roads nearby.

Residents are concerned that wildlife such as deer, badgers, bats and stoats use the area all year round and wonder what could happen if their habitat is built on.

Close to the area where the planning application has been submitted, people have shown their upset about the plans by putting up objection letters near to the area where the house could be built.

A total of 26 objections have been published on the council's online planning portal.

Objecting to the scheme, one person said: “This is green belt land.

“The chaos this build will cause to the local area, mainly heavy goods vehicles when there is a load weight restriction on the approach road, plus it is difficult for two cars to pass each other at the junction of Tanners and Eccles Street at any time of day.

"The plan should be rejected on this alone.”

Another said: “I walk up Eccles Street to the woods with my dog every day.

"I am appalled at the thought of this area being built on and with really tall leylandii, it would make my woodland walk a very dark place.

“On Tanners Street where I live, we have a real problem with traffic jamming all along Tanner's street from the rake, more chaos and altercations would undoubtedly occur from vehicles trying to come out of Eccles Street into an already seized up situation.”

However, there are a few who are open to the idea of it being built as the house is planning to be built sustainably.

Within the plans they are providing wildflower meadows, orchards and ponds and they will be replanting native trees that were on the site.

One person said: “We received these plans a month or two ago and I initially wasn't sure, but the couple were kind enough to meet and discuss our concerns.

“They explained their thinking and I'm now happy this would be a positive contribution to the area.

“Having lived close to this site since I was a child, I've seen it's gradual decline over the past couple of decades. It's now a real mess and does need sorting out.

“It looks like a very special project and one I will follow closely (maybe even on Grand Designs!) we would just want to make sure they are held to all the promises to promote wildlife as the landscaping documents suggest.”

Another supportive commenter said: “Far better than the plans for an estate on the site.

“The house looks amazing, and it looks like a great development to me and a big improvement on what's there now. Best of luck to them.”

The agent and applicant have been contacted for a comment.