A Muay Thai boxer from Bury who has trained since the age of five will compete for “the most prestigious belt you can fight for” later this month as he prepares to compete for a major European title.

Lewis George, 17, has been waking at 6am every day to go for runs before heading to his gym in Leeds in preparation to fight for the WBC Under-18 European Title, at Barnsley Metrodome on Saturday, July 30.

This fight will likely be the last time Lewis fights as a junior as he moves from under-18s matches to fighting as an adult.

The teenager, who attends college at the Joe Gallagher Boxing Academy and trains at Bad company Gym, won the WMO PRO AM British title in March and will fight Ace White next Saturday for the European title.

Bury Times: Lewis George after winning the World Muay Thai British titleLewis George after winning the World Muay Thai British title

His dad Mark, says Lewis is highly motivated and has demonstrated a great deal of dedication towards the sport, and that this title is the one he wants the most.

Mark said: “Lewis has done no end of preparation for this, getting up at 6 o’clock in the morning, going for runs and getting the train over to Leeds

“He’s a little bit nervous but he’s always excited as well because he knows what preparation he’s put in place for this fight, and he also knows what skills he’s got."

Mark says Lewis would be the first ever fighter from Bury to gain the WBC European title if the fight goes well and a win would mean “everything” to him.

Bury Times: Bury Skip Hire has sponsored Lewis since he was 7-years-oldBury Skip Hire has sponsored Lewis since he was 7-years-old

Mark added: “It’s every junior’s dream to fight for a WBC but they come very far and between.

“It's only the elite of the elite fighters who get to go for it, so with him being matched to fight for it, he’s taken it with both hands and grabbed it.”

After Lewis begins fighting as an adult, he hopes to make the sport his full-time job and plans to travel to Thailand later in the year to fight there.

Mark says he is very proud of his son’s achievements and says the Bury community have been excellent is helping him achieve his goals.

Mark said: “He’s got good sponsors behind him, his main sponsor is Bury Skip Hire, they’ve been with him since he was seven years old, they give him everything that he needs, any training equipment, they just buy it.

“I’m very proud of his achievements and his dedication because kids these days get into mischief, he’s not like that, he’s a good lad.”