A Brandlesholme primary school will be homing some new animals after their successful farm fundraiser.

Woodbank Primary School on Brandlesholme Road is expanding their farm of furry friends after raising £2,500 for more animals.

The plan is to introduce, two rabbits, two guinea pigs, ducks, pygmy goats and potentially some alpacas to their farm.

The farm fundraiser took place in February and was fittingly themed with the school dressing up as farmers or animals for £1, playing how many chicks in the jar and taking votes to put your teacher in a chicken suit.

Two members of staff even came dressed as inflatable cows.

The Woodbank farm initially began back in 2021, when the reception class received seven eggs in an incubator and watched as each of the chicks developed and pecked their way out.

A school spokesperson said “We were told it is unlikely all seven would hatch but the class teacher didn’t lose hope and took all six hatched and one unhatched chick home for the weekend.

“Mrs Moore got home, and it finally hatched, it was only weak but by the next day it was standing up in the incubator.”

Bury Times: Woodbank's hatched chicksWoodbank's hatched chicks

The children named each of the chicks Boris, Gaston, Richard, Boots, Nugget, Belle and Plucky.

After forming an attachment to their new feathered friends, the school "hatched" a plan to keep the chicks and after a myriad of meetings, zoom calls and risk assessments, the chicks officially became the Woodbanks chicks.

As they have grown, two chicks, which became roosters, sadly had to be re-homed due to noise and safety measures.

With the newly raised money, the hens that remain have had a new fence installed, meaning they are able to roam free.