One of Bury's biggest music festivals has returned for its 10th anniversary and it looks like so far it's been an unforgettable weekend.

Festwich returned to Prestwich this weekend, July 30 and 31, at St Mary's Park and has had a huge lineup of fantastic tribute bands.

These included music inspired by Metallica, Megadeth, ACDC, Jilted Generation, Marilyn Manson, Kiss, Smashing Pumpkins, Limpbizkit, Kings of Leon, Queen, Muse, The Police, The Killers, Duran Duran and many more.

Bury Times: Festwich 2022Festwich 2022
Danny Crompton captured some fantastic videos of the event, showing the hundreds who flocked to see the music live.

Speaking about the festival, Danny said: "It was supposed to be a rainy afternoon and now there is not a cloud in the sky.

"The atmosphere is great like you would expect at a festival, must be at least 10,000 people, the beer is flowing at numerous tents as well as food and there are festival stalls and face painting."

Back in 2012, the team at Festwich decided that paying an average of £56 plus booking fees per person to attend a festival was a ridiculous price and often out of reach for many.

Having gone to school in Prestwich, Jools Taylor, organiser of Festwich, was determined to bring something to Prestwich that would be accessible to all.  

With a lot of heart, soul, creativity and hard work, they managed to craft a cheap local community festival that now appeals to not just the locals of Prestwich, but also people from all over the UK and Europe.

Bury Times: Festwich 2022Festwich 2022

Speaking about this excitement for the event earlier this year, organiser Jools Taylor said: "I'm from Prestwich, I'm proud to be from this town, I started Festwich 10 years ago to, just to put put together a small festival for this community and I never thought it would get to this level.

Bury Times: Festwich 2022Festwich 2022

"It was just supposed to be a tribute to the bands that I loved, and now it's become a huge thing that attracts well over 10,000 visitors a year from all over the UK and abroad.

"I'm a huge music lover and I have a deep passion for this and that's where my drive for this comes from.

Bury Times:

"After the past couple of years, we're all ready for festivals like these and it's great for me to be able to bring people together for some good old fashioned live music."

Pictures and video by Danny Crompton.