A customer at Asda's Radcliffe store was left in tears after a good Samaritan paid almost £200 for her shopping.

Sinead Riley, and her partner William Jordan had been shopping for their daughter’s first birthday, school uniforms and other household items at the Asda store on Riverside Retail Park.

Once at the checkout, a generous customer noticed the family of five.

The customer insisted on footing the £196 bill, telling Sinead to spend her money on enjoying her time with her three young daughters.

Sinead said: “We had both finished work and headed to Asda Radcliffe with all three girls for some of the school uniform shop, food, baby milk and with Fern's first birthday just days away, a cake and a couple of presents.

"I got out my card to pay when the lovely lady behind me offered to pay for our entire shop! The lot.

"In shock, I said, It's okay don't worry, I have enough.

“But the lady insisted and told me my children were beautiful and to spend my money on enjoying my time with them.

“I couldn't hold back my tears and gave her the biggest hug. It was completely out of the blue.

"The lady didn't know us from Adam. I'd never seen her before in my life.”

Sinead’s mum, Julie, worked in the store for 25 years.

She said: "Times are hard, especially for working families with three young children.

“It was such a beautiful thoughtless gesture that I'm still in shock.”

The store’s community champion, Tammie Wakefield, said: "I have no words – the generosity of this customer is outstanding. I couldn't believe it when I heard.

"I was gobsmacked but I wasn't surprised as our customers at Radcliffe store are simply the best."

Following the kind gesture, Sinead wants to show her appreciation by ‘paying it forward'.

She said: “I cried the whole way home and I rang my mum crying too.

“I would never have expected a stranger to pay for a three-figure shop for a family she has never met. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

"The colleague at the checkouts was in shock too. When we get a chance we will return the act of kindness to another stranger."