A Prestwich couple has brought a London-inspired ‘nightclub’ gym to Bury town centre.

Married couple Nick and Louise Phillips, both 39, have opened a London-inspired boutique fitness centre in Bury.

LUV Fitness on Parson's Lane is the first of its kind in Bury and focuses on three main types of training- weights, boxing and cycling.

Nick has been in the fitness industry for 16 years and was inspired by the gyms in London.

Bury Times: LUV Fitness spin classLUV Fitness spin class

He said: “Fitness is booming whether that is for physical or mental wellbeing and we have had an amazing start and very busy month.

“We know our customers by names and what levels they are at because it is a community experience.

“For anyone who is nervous about coming, the studios are dark so no one is looking at you.

"We have a nightclub sound system, nightclub lighting and the space is fully soundproof, it is a time to focus on yourself and have this boutique fitness experience.”

Louise said the space has been inspired by London's 1Rebel.

She said: “We want people to be excited and look forward to training. I shouldn’t be ‘I’ve got to go’ it should be ‘I want to go’.

“The endorphins, experience and music make you feel like the best self you can be.”

LUV Fitness also has specially designed ‘water bags’.

These are similar to boxing bags but instead of being filled with sand and fabric, it is filled with water.

Bury Times: Specially designed 'Water Bags' for LUV BoxingSpecially designed 'Water Bags' for LUV Boxing

Louise said: “The fabric from normal boxing bags can be hard on your hands but these are kind on hands and joints, absorbing kinetic energy and reducing the risk of related injury in the future.

Although LUV Fitness now has a studio, online memberships and sessions will continue.  

Louise added: “People, including me, are still doing our online sessions.

"We have cameras in the studios that stream to people at home.

"In the mornings, when my children are still asleep and I can't get to the gym, I can log on, see the live stream and do the classes from my home”.

Bury Times: LUV Fitness classLUV Fitness class