A Derby High School student has shared her hopes of attending Cambridge University following her top GCSE results.

Elisa-Ebony Feehi Mur’Tala, achieved top marks in her GCSEs as well as achieving a eight in maths - despite scoring sixes in her mocks.

She attended a summer school at Cambridge and has set her sights on the university once she has completed her A-levels.

She even wore the university’s staple hoodie to collect her results in.

Elisa said: “I got an eight in maths even though I was getting sixes in the mocks, nines in music and tech and an eight in my English literature which is what I really wanted!

“Active recall helped me with revising, but there were points where I doubted myself.

“It is so much work and you don’t know where to start, but once you have that starting point it gets you through.

“My mum helped me so much, she helped me find my weaker points in certain subjects so I could work on them first.

“Next I am doing politics, English literature and philosophy at A-level and I am hoping to go to Cambridge University to study Law after that.”

Elisa achieved nine GCSEs with top-scoring marks in the seven, eight and nines.