A group of Bury FC fans will stage a protest this weekend against proposals to merge the town’s football clubs.

The group, called Vote No Merger – Bury FC, will march at 11am from the Bridge Tavern to Redbank playing fields in Radcliffe tomorrow morning, Saturday, in protest of a proposed merger of Bury FC and Bury AFC.

Bury FC Supporters Society (BFCSS) and Bury AFC’s Shaker’s Community Society Ltd announced proposals to merge in May in an effort to bring elite men’s football back to the town.

The council has pledged £450,000 of funding to Bury FC if members vote in favour of the proposed merger.

Bury FC supporters have made extensive efforts to restore the club’s ground, Gigg Lane, after it was bought back from administration earlier this year.

Vote No Merger has gained a sizable following on social media with more than 200 fans joining its private Facebook group since its creation in August.

David Clarke, 26, a group admin and Gigg Lane volunteer says fans are concerned that no date has been set for the vote.

He said: “I just feel that for months now, we’ve just had no voice, it’s just been continuously kicking the can down the road with the vote.

“They’re saying it will be a merger but in the plans it will be the club of AFC, the company name and company number moving over here.

“We believe that’s not in out interest because people like me who’ve spend three years hoping and fighting for this club to come back, I want my club back and not theirs.

“We believe we can get our voices heard [on Saturday] Its going to be a peaceful protest, we don’t want to cause any fracas.”

Other group members supporting a ‘no vote' say the two clubs should stay separate to give fans a choice.

One member said: “I have no ill feeling towards people who follow AFC, that’s their choice but I can’t support them moving their club over to Gigg Lane.

“Too much has gone on for us all to be united and one big happy family.

Another commenter on social media said: “I have supported Bury FC for 58 years. I have no affinity to the club that was formed over two years ago.”

In response to the protest, a BFCSS spokesperson said: “We are aware of an upcoming protest regarding the proposed amalgamation of the two CBS boards.

“We can confirm that we are not associated in anyway with the protest.

“We would like to remind supporters that their behaviour can reflect on individuals, businesses and communities.

“All our members are vital in shaping the future of football in Bury and at Gigg Lane, and we would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that to be included in the upcoming vote on the proposal - they need to be active members.

“We remain committed in supporting our members throughout and beyond this process, whatever the outcome.”