Residents living in a cul-de-sac have raised concerns after plans have been put forward to install a 16m 5G mast in the middle of their estate.

The proposed site is on a small patch of grass at the top of Coleridge Road in Greenmount, a cul-de-sac just off Byron Road.

Mobile phone operator Three is the applicant of the proposals and the planning application argues the site is a suitable place for a mast.

It states: “It is our opinion that the proposed design presents a better ‘fit’ within the local community and immediate street scape, offering a reduced visual impact upon an area of adopted highway identified, as situated out with a conservation area or other such restrictive designation.”

But dozens of neighbours have come together to fight the application, claiming it contravenes the council’s planning guidance "in multiple ways".

Coleridge Road resident Kate Luxton said: “Even a cursory glance at the council’s local planning policy shows that the site contravenes the available guidance in areas such as amenity green space, visual intrusion and detrimental impact.”

Michelle Yates, who lives on Byron Road, added: “It’s a lazy application clearly submitted in the hope that we’d all bow down before them and go away quietly.

“Well, they picked the wrong community for that.”

Julian Ferrier, who works at estate agent Pearson Ferrier, says he fears the mast would harm property values in the immediate area.

He said: “I’d expect at least three quarters of potential purchasers to be deterred from buying a home near to such an intrusive structure and that can only depress prices in the immediate area.

“The applicant hasn’t even bothered to try and make the mast look in-keeping.

“My advice would be to find a more suitable location, disguise the mast in an appropriate way and re-apply.”

Trevor Morgan, who lives on Coleridge Road, said he was not opposed to mobile masts, just one that are poorly sited.

He said: “We all use and benefit from mobile phones so we’re not Luddites, but this is an area with super-fast fibre broadband and wi-fi so the proposed benefits of 5G connectivity are clearly negated by that.”

Additional concerns residents pointed out was the loss of a children’s play area and green space, wildlife like bats and hedgehogs could be affected, if the mast may produce radiation and if this could result in "farming", which is where companies could suddenly put more masts up in the area.

Many residents on Coleridge and Byron Road have lived there for more than 30 years and fear they could stand to lose a lot of money due to their properties' valuations dropping, described as “life-damaging” by one person.

The application has received more than 75 objections so far which caused the planning portal to crash due to the amount coming in.

People can continue to submit their comments until Wednesday, September 14.

One objection said: “I am completely opposed to this huge mast and several large noisy boxes as I am the poor person who would actually have to live right next to them 24/7.

“They would literally be within 2m of my home.

“My kids play football and cricket on the green space in what is a quiet leafy cul-de-sac.

“This location is totally inappropriate, and I am sickened, shocked and appalled that this has been considered.

“I am having sleepless nights worrying about it. I plead you to visit the location and see how close it is to my home.

“It will tower over my home and the noise will keep me awake at night as the box with fans is near my bedroom window as they can be heard when on busy roads.

“It will be an absolute nightmare. I did have my house up for sale recently but have since taken it off the market due to a buyer pulling out because of the mast issue.

“This could make my house unsellable in the future causing stress, anxiety and cost me thousands of pounds ruining my family’s future.”

Another objection added: “Myself and my family strongly object to this monstrosity being put on our quiet estate.

“I am utterly shocked that it's even being considered.

"The damage it will do to the area is terrible - it's the only green area for our children to play on, it will look unsightly, and the residents are extremely upset at the damage this will cause.

“You cannot expect people living on a quiet residential estate to look out of their windows to a 16m mast. Has anyone considered the damage this will do to people's mental health?"

A protest meeting with James Daly MP is scheduled for 7pm at Greenmount United Reformed Church on Holcombe Road on Saturday.

In response to the plans, the council said: “Like all planning applications, we will decide this one in accordance with planning law and policy, and considering all relevant comments made on the proposal.

“Comments are open until September 14, with a target date for decision of October 17.”

Three and the firm's agent have been approached for a comment about the plans and the objections.