The cancellation of Heaton Park’s firework display by Manchester City Council has led to widespread disappointment. 

Escalating costs and stretched council budgets led to the decision to scrap the event, which was set to be the first since before the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The council's ambition to be a net zero carbon city by 2038 also played a part in the decision.

Locals took to social media to voice their frustration, with many worrying about the consequential rise in unauthorised bonfires. 

Gillian Harrison said: “I dread to think of all the unorganised bonfires which will be happening, and fireworks going off by people who don't know what the to are doing, why did we start having organised displays because too many people/children were getting injured or burnt or putting a lot on the NHS, they will live to regret this decision."

Nicola Daley added: “All the money Manchester Council make out of that park (a park which was bequeathed for the benefit of the people of Manchester) each year, running massive events that make the local residents' lives hell and they do this! Absolutely disgusting Burnham!”

Even those opposed to fireworks and their impact are unsure about the decision to axe the annual event.

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Browen Richards said: “That will just push fireworks back into peoples’ gardens. Worse situation for pets.” 

Allan Rhodes Jnr added: “Whilst I’m very much against fireworks, I’m not anti-the event itself. I don’t think we need the bonfire, I don’t think we need fireworks but we can have a gorgeous light show and stalls etc. It would still be a fun evening.” 

On Wednesday (October 12), councillor Lee Ann Igbon, executive member for vibrant neighbourhoods at Manchester City Council, said: “As usual we will be working with partner agencies to help promote safety messages and prevent anti-social behaviour.”