At St Gabriel's High School, the PE department decided to run a sports leadership qualification (SLQ.) It's a great opportunity to be able to take part in. One of the students F.Thomas said "I really enjoy taking part in this qualification it opens up great opportunities for me in the future."

Miss H.Owen, the leader of the qualification said it is important because it gives our students the experiences to build numerous skills that will help them in daily life both inside and outside of school. The students will have the opportunity to work within the Bury community, delivering all kinds of leadership sessions to our feeder schools. Some other opportunities include leading peers during their practical lessons. It is a great scheme that offers an early qualification to those students who enjoy PE but did not take it at GCSE. She also said she thoroughly enjoys leading the course and enjoys students build in confidence and self-esteem as they become strong leaders. In the past the students have done very well in the qualification. 100% pass rate for all the students that have completed the course so far.