Burrs country park provides a great escape from modern busy life. It’s is full of nature and gives a sense of tranquility in these busy times.


The park covers an area once housing the mill complex of the Burr and Higher Woodhill cotton mills, most of the remains were removed however parts were left there, like the Burrs Mill chimney, the mill floor and water wheel pit, when in the park these areas can show the past and history of Burrs country park.


The park shows the beauty of nature and is surround by all types of greenery. It is a perfect escape from the urban lifestyle we are used to, as the plant life contrasts the lack of nature in modern society. It is important to appreciate nature as it arguably can generate many positive emotions, such as calmness, joy, and creativity and can facilitate concentration. Nature connectedness is also associated with lower levels of poor mental health, particularly lower depression and anxiety. 


There is plenty to see, do and enjoy at Burrs country park, like cycling, birdwatching, canoeing and much more. The park is easily accessible by car, bicycle, bus and footpaths through Brandleshlome and Walmersley.


The park was created in 1989, it is operated by Bury MBC and is open all year  round. It’s is located 1.5 km north west of bury town centre, so it is relatively close by and an ideal place to connect with nature.