A ‘career criminal’ is back behind bars after he was caught trying to sell heroin within a year of his release.  

Arron Corkovic, 35, had previously been sentenced to 13 years imprisonment due to his role in a violent robbery at a Morrisons supermarket in Whitefield back in 2013, was released after eight years and bound by strict conditions imposed upon him through the use of a Serious Crime Prevention Order (SCPO). 

He was in Manchester Crown Court this week to be sentenced for his involvement in serious crime – including the supply of heroin, firearms and ammunition.

DC Steven Walker, from GMP’s Organised Crime Unit, said: “Despite spending the best part of his twenties in prison, Corkovic has demonstrated his intention to continue where he left off in what he anticipated would be a lucrative alternative to being a law-abiding citizen."

The Salford man used an EncroChat mobile phone and the handle ‘stealthy’, to connect with a network of criminals across Salford, Manchester, Merseyside and Dubai. 

DC Walker said: “Even after being given the benefit of an early release under licence conditions, he immediately became involved once again in the most serious of crimes that cause the most harm to our communities – selling heroin, firearms and ammunition. 

“Having enjoyed a short period of freedom, he is now paying the price for his decision.” 

Corkovic was discovered to be arranging the supply of one kilogram of heroin for £16,000 when the EncroChat network was compromised by the National Crime Agency in 2020.  

At Manchester Crown Court on December 13, he received a nine-year sentence for conspiracy to supply class A drugs.  

He also received consecutive four years for ’intentionally encouraging or assisting in the commission of an offence (namely to transfer a firearm).  

DC Walker added: “The conviction of Arron Corkovic is another significant result arising from the compromise of the Encrochat network – a communications network utilised exclusively by organised crime groups. 

“GMP will continue to investigate and prosecute offenders for their participation in the Encrochat network under Operation Venetic and I would like to thank our partners, the National Crime Agency (NCA), for their assistance. 

“I would also like to acknowledge the hard work of the Crown Prosecution Service and Counsel in this case for bringing it to a satisfactory conclusion.” 

Corkovic, of Dixon Avenue, will now be subject to a confiscation order under POCA (Proceeds of Crime Act) at a later hearing.