This panto will have you well and truly hooked.


The Pantomime Adventures of Peter Pan has taken the well-known tale of the boy who could fly and moved it on a few years. In the present time, Neverland’s magic

pixie dust that tumbles from the island's waterfall is drying up, so Peter Pan has lost his ability to fly. This means that he needs Wendy to lead the crew, so Tink is sent to fetch her. They must go to the waterfall and fix whatever the problem is. However, Captain Hook has escaped the crocodile and is back in Neverland, he is determined to have his revenge on Peter. The plot is simple for even the youngest audience members to understand, making the panto ideal for a range of audiences. 

Jason Manford, a multi-award-winning stand up comedian, plays Captain Hook in the pantomime and he absolutely embodies the role. The Pantomime adventures of Peter Pan happens to be Manfords first ever panto and he was splendid. 


Ben Nickless, one of Britain’s most inventive comedy talents, plays Smee and with Jason Manford he  absolutely stole the show. They were the perfect duo for the job and entertained all ages of the audience. A member of the audience, David Bridgewood described the two as “hilarious and entertaining" and he is absolutely right. 

From the script to the casting, everything about the pantomime adventures of Peter Pan was flawless. Buy your tickets now and watch the panto at the Manchester opera house and you won't regret it.