Plans to open a new bar in Bury have been approved after noise and security concerns were addressed.

A licence for the Wash Lane premises, set to be named Ravens Bar, was granted at a council’s licensing hearing sub-committee meeting yesterday, Thursday.

The site, which was home to the former Games Hub shop, is at the end of a row of terraced properties

The bar has permission to serve alcohol every day of the week from noon and to play recorded music from 11pm.

The licence allows the venue to stay open until 1.30am from Monday to Thursday and Sundays, and up to 3.30am on Fridays and Saturdays.

The application was given go-ahead despite concerns from police and the council's environmental health department regarding potential noise and nuisance to neighbouring homes.

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A previous objection to the plans by the council’s environmental health team was withdrawn ahead of the meeting, but the committee heard it reserved the right to appeal should it have further concerns.

At the meeting, licence holder Paul Clark and his representative Geoff Dixon, addressed concerns raised in writing by Bury licensing officer, PC Peter Eccleston, who suggested the initial application proposed too few security staff. 

They agreed that a minimum of two door staff will be employed from 10pm until close on Friday and Saturday, and Sunday night’s ahead of a bank holiday.

Following the application, the committee received one objection by email from a member of the public who complained residents already had to deal with "drug dealers, drunk, rats and rubbish everywhere".

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The resident added: “The noise blaring out til 3am will be too much on top of all that.

“There are enough bars, night clubs and takeaways in Bury without adding yet another one.”

In response to the objection, Mr Dixon said he did not expect that residents will be affected by noise.

He said: “This is a small venue of up to 30 people, maybe 35.

“[it is] not intended to have any volume of recorded or live music, it’s going to be background music, it will be no louder than ambiance level.”

He pointed out that The Cotton Tree pub, situated close to Wash Lane on Moor Street, has the same opening hours and activities as the one proposed for Ravens Bar.

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He also said the suggested closing time would only be in place if needed, and the bar would more often close earlier than the licence they are allowed to stay open for.

Mr Dixon also agreed that fire extinguishers and smoke alarms would be serviced regularly.

The committee granted the licence on the condition that the amendments to the application were upheld.