A Bury shopping centre has set up an "owl cam" where a pair of Tawny owls are nesting close by.

The owls have been nesting in a private location just a minutes’ walk from the Mill Gate Shopping Centre in a barrel situated high in an oak tree for more than a decade.

The owls are currently preparing for springtime where they will raise their new family.

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Each year, the pair have laid between one and three white eggs which they incubate for around 28 days.

During December the female generally visits the nesting site as soon as it’s dark to make sure no squirrels have taken up occupancy in their home.

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At night the owl will return and sit snug in the wood chippings at the bottom of the barrel for a few minutes before flying off into the darkness.

On the camera, the male owl has been seen bringing worms, frogs, mice and voles which have been hunted throughout the night.

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After six weeks, the babies will start hunting for themselves.

To see the owl cam for yourself click here.

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