A young go-karter from Bury is aspiring to have a career in motorsport after his talent was spotted by an indoor track owner.

Tom Holden, aged 14, who attends Woodhey High School, started go-karting three years ago after he went watching a race one weekend and his dad Mike paying for him to have a go in a kart.

Mike said: “He’s always been car mad, so we went watching one weekend and he got a bit of a bug for it, so I paid for a day for him to go in a kart and that was that.”

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Tom initially starting racing at the Hooton Park Circuit in Ellesmere Port and has since taken part in club and national championships including one at Middlesbrough for the last two years.

Tom’s talent was spotted when he visited the indoor Team Karting track in Rochdale.

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Mike said: “We went to Team Karting in Rochdale, and he was driving round there.

“The owner came to see us and said your son isn’t far off the lap time here, how many times has he been.

“So, I said he’s only been karting three times and he asked if he’d been here three times and already doing lap times like that, and I said, ‘he’s not been here before but just been karting three times before all of which were on holiday’.

“So for him to go to that indoor track and set such a fast lap time on his first go caught his attention and from there it’s progressed.”

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Tom’s recent competitions include one in Wigan in January which he did well in, and he’s doing another two championships this year which will be in Nottingham.

Mike added: “These championships are all over the country so it’s a commitment for us to go to them all.”

Tom aspires to be a Formula One driver or any career in motorsport whatever that may be.

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