Thousands of street lights are set to be replaced as part of a £5.5m council scheme.

Around 3,200 lights will be installed as part of the five-year programme.

The new lights will be over 8m in height and will be more energy efficient LED lamps.

The replacement programme, which will be on a whole street basis, is expected to take up to 2024 to complete but will be finished more quickly if possible.

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The replacement comes after the current lights are nearing the end of their serviceable life where they could become structurally unsound and unsafe.

The council wants to improve the energy efficiency of Bury’s street lighting and reduce maintenance and running costs.

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The local authority is installing the lights because it is more energy efficient and uses less electricity, and it emits less carbon than traditional sodium lights.

They will also have a much longer lamp lifespan requiring significantly less maintenance and they will provide a whiter light source with better night-time colour recognition.

The scheme will concentrate the light onto roads and footways where it is needed, with less light pollution into the sky, homes and gardens.

The replacements began in 2022 and this year the roads that are in progress and due to start are:

• Ainsworth Road, Bury - In progress

• Hornby Street, Bury - February 2023

• Salford Street, Bury - February 2023

• Walmersley Road, Bury - February/March 2023

• Manchester Road, Bury - March 2023- work in each location is expected to take two to three weeks to complete.

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Many lighting columns have already been replaced around Bury, Radcliffe, Whitefield, Tottington and Prestwich.

Approximately two weeks before work starts, local ward councillors will be told and display notices on site.

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