The Forest School ethos is a new way of teaching and is currently being adopted across the world as we learn about ourselves, the Earth and other countries to help better the society that we live in together.The way we educate our children should be valued highly as our kids are the leaders of tomorrow and it is our job to help guide them to the life that they wish and as we know education is a key element and it starts all the way back in their infancy when they are newborns and toddlers too.It is said by many and proven that building good habits in children in early childhood maintains habits and is a key part of who they will become as environment is a key factor for the developement of a person.


The Forest School ethos teaches of sustainability coupled with problem-solving and adaptability which are all qualities that we could do with having in this modern era to help combat the speed of change that we face in our day to day routine.The Forest School ethos also teaches the use of tools to create an opportunity for an environment that poses risk, to help children learn to navigate risk by  using planning and danger recognition as well as safe techniques.Someone who would agree with these views is Lee Miller who said when asked about the subject said “We don’t eliminate risks; we teach children to navigate risks” who teaches at Little Minds Forest School.


The ethos originates in Scandinavia where some people often live to these value as it achieves excellent results and the qualities they developed are required in their daily rountine.The ethos  utilises natural resources and the environment to teach these qualities.examples of this are building dens or forts in forests or using pebbles to teach basic arithmetic as well as the use of containers to transport water.


To summarise, the ethos teaches values that are useful to the upcoming generation and will allow them to overcome adversity in their life to achieve their aspirations using traditional methods that originated in Scandinavia.The methods are also being commonly adopted by many educational institutions and authorised training providers have been very successful like Archimedes when teaching this ethos.