Snow may fall in Bury later this week as the UK feels the force of  an Arctic snap.

The Met Office has forecasted that the borough could see snow on Thursday morning and sleet like weather in the early hours of Friday morning too.

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The Met Office states on Thursday the temperature for Bury will drop to freezing and at 9am there will be a 60 per cent chance of snow.

The rest of the day will be overcast with temperatures rising slightly to around 3C and 4C in the early afternoon and evening.

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On Friday, sleet is forecast at 3am before turning to light rain at around 6am and temperatures look to stay between 3C and 4C throughout the day.

Three yellow weather warnings for snow and ice have been issued this week by The Met Office for Northern Scotland and Northeast England.

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However, residents in the North West should expect frosty and icy conditions and the odd snow shower this week.

The forecast for Thursday:

  • 12am – 1C and cloudy
  • 3am – 1C and overcast
  • 6am – 0C and overcast
  • 9am – 1C and light snow
  • 12pm – 9pm – 4C and overcast

The forecast for Friday:

  • 12am – 4C and light rain
  • 3am – 3C and sleet
  • 6am – 3C and light rain
  • 9am – 3C and cloudy
  • 12pm – 3pm – 4C with light rain

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