Bury’s own version of mysterious artist Banksy has created street art in a bid to encourage people to say no to knife crime.

Paul Horrocks, from Redvales, has been doing street art for around six years and has always had a talent for art since primary school.

He decided to create his latest art with a red line going through a knife to “make people think twice”.

Paul says that this design in particular has been a popular request from some friends who have said they feel uncomfortable going to parks in the area due to knife crime.

He said: “It’s getting ridiculous, and it is happening almost every day.

“A lot of friends have asked me to do this picture.

“Some of them are so worried that they won’t take their kids out to the park.

“It’s a bit sad really and it’s getting dangerous now.”

Bury Times:

The crime is something that he feels needs to be done and a way to make a statement.

He often chooses to put the knife crime art around the Metrolink because he believes this is a hotspot for the incidents.

In January The Greater Manchester TravelSafe Partnership (TSP) along with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) vowed to make "make safety its top priority" after a number of knife-related incidents, including a bus driver being threatened in Bury.

On last month a 19-year-old man was stabbed in Whitehead Park on Ainsworth Road.

The victim was taken to hospital, although his injuries were not said to be life-threatening or life-changing.

Paul has also painted street art denouncing Russian president Vladimir Putin and showing support for Ukraine.

He added: “I often get request from people on Facebook and sometimes I ask them should I do this around Bury and surrounding areas.

“It makes people happy seeing art and makes people think.”

Bury Times:

His artwork has been spotted by many people in and around Bury, which he says he does for free once he finds a place to do it.

He said: “I do the street art in my spare time and make money from the canvases.

“In the last two years I have made over 2,500 paintings.

“I love to do it and it is how I express myself through the pictures.

“It’s something I am really passionate about.”

He has since asked schools in the area if they would be interested in some of his anti-knife crime artwork and is expected to complete the designs soon.

Paul has already done some artwork in the past for the schools.

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