A singing and signing school choir has been making a mark on the community, hoping to showcase their talents and make sure everyone's voices are heard.  

The College Crooners Choir has been raising money for "much-needed resources" and enrichment opportunities at the Elms Bank College Hub, where they are based in Prestwich. 

After being set up around a year ago, the choir has performed around the borough, earning them recognition for their joyful performances.  

Claire Dempsey, a teacher at the college, said: “We started this because we've had a massive push on communication, signing and how important it is for everybody's voice to be heard. 

“Since then it has really developed, we are always out and about to perform in the community and we have had amazing reviews. 

“The positive feedback is not just from our audiences either but parents who say the choir has really helped build confidence and that they are a joy to watch.” 

A spokesperson for Nazareth House care home in Prestwich, where they recently performed, said: ”The residents really enjoyed the students coming to sing and sign for them.

"Some said that they have never seen singing and signing before apart from on the television and thought it was marvellous how the students learnt such an amazing skill. 

“Another resident said that seeing young students so happy and enthusiastic made them feel very happy.” 

The choir also performed in three Bury supermarkets over the Christmas period and marked Valentine's Day with a special performance at Tesco, Bury. 

Claire added: “We are raising awareness and showing two forms of communication together, pushing to present how important sign is and the integral part it plays in who we are.” 

Alongside bringing joy to the community, the choir has been beneficial to its members with one parent praising the College Crooners Choir for the confidence it has given her son.  

The parent said: “It combines his love of music, signing and performing.  

“He loves to make people happy and lights up when he sees a response from the people he performs to and I personally love coming to see them. 

“It's lovely to watch and see their confidence growing after each performance, they are a joy and I can't help but smile.” 

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