A 99-year-old Holocaust survivor has been sculpted by the same woman who created a bust for the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The Fed, a Prestwich-based social care charity, created the My Voice project to preserve personal Holocaust experiences.  

And My Voice storyteller Marianne Philipps travelled to London last week and became the first Holocaust survivor from Manchester to be sculpted by Frances Segelman. 

Bury Times: Frances Segelman with Marianne Philipps. Frances Segelman with Marianne Philipps.  (Image: The Fed)

My Voice has since been able to preserve the likeness of some of its storytellers with the help of the Yad Vashem UK Foundation and International Sculptor Frances Segelman. 

My Voice project manager Juliette Pearce explained why they chose Marianne as their first storyteller to be sculpted. 

She said: “She is a remarkable lady who lights up the room and makes everyone smile.  

Bury Times:  Marianne Philipps with the sculpture Marianne Philipps with the sculpture (Image: The Fed)

“Her positivity is infectious and she has a real zest for life, even at the age of 99.  

“It was a huge privilege to accompany her to sit for Frances whose talent is totally awe-inspiring.  

“I was mesmerised as I watched her at work and saw Marianne's likeness take shape before my eyes. 

"It was a day that I will treasure forever.” 

Some of Segelman's most famous works include sculpting royalty as well as personalities from the world of entertainment, politics and sport. 

Bury Times:  Marianne Philipps with the sculpture Marianne Philipps with the sculpture (Image: The Fed)

Marianne said: “It was amazing, wonderful! A real one-off experience that doesn’t come everyone’s way so I am very lucky. 

“The sculptor Frances was very talented and she showed me a book of all of the sculptures she has done in the past and the history of them, it was fabulous.  

“We didn’t talk much as she had to concentrate whilst she was working, and I had enough sense not to talk either and let her focus.  

"There were lots of photographers around, but I took no notice and stayed frozen.  

“Everyone thought I was wonderful and special to stay so still, it was a fabulous trip and I enjoyed it very much.” 

Bury Times:  Marianne Philipps with the sculpture Marianne Philipps with the sculpture (Image: The Fed)

Marianne’s visit to the studio was arranged through The Fed’s My Voice Project in partnership with Yad Vashem UK.   

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Chairman of Yad Vashem UK, Simon Bentley said: “Yad Vashem UK Foundation has a close association with International Sculptor Frances Segelman as part of her Holocaust survivor series.  

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“We are proud to be working with Frances and are so happy that our gift to the National Portrait Gallery of the bronze from our first live sculpting of Sir Ben Helfgott will be on permanent display there when the National Portrait Gallery reopens in June this year.  

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“The sculpting of Marianne Philipps is the first one we have done in association with The Fed’s My Voice Project.”   

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