For many of us food, medicine and care are expected and considered basic human rights, however, I doubt it will come as shock that there are those in our world, who cannot afford to meet those needs. One of these places is Mecha, Ethiopia. 

The Bethany Sisters (belonging to the Sisters of The Imitation of Christ) run a clinic helping patients of all ages, suffering from a variety of diseases and conditions. In the local community the sisters provide...

  • Mother and child health programs including, postnatal checkups, delivery and    neonatal care
  • Vaccination programmes for children
  • Nutritional meals for malnourished children and the poor
  • Healthcare for the poor and women promotion programs in other local clinics

It is safe to say the sister's clinic has a massive impact on the local area, however they need your help to keep their support going.

They do all of this with just 2 nurses, a lab technician, a helper and 3 guards assisting them, working in the clinic night and day all week (most clinics only work during the week) with no fixed donors, relying soley on the generosity of others. This means they often struggle to source basic necessities and care for themselves, as well as those they support. Knowing this information I implore you donate to the clinic as it is such a worthy cause to give to and the support is wide-reaching and massively felt across the area.

In our school, Charlotte C is working tirelessly to raise money for the clinic, saying that 'Because of other issues in our country, we often forget about those overseas in desperate need of our help, and being distracted by our own lives doesn't stop those in need from suffering'. Please donate at...