A police officer who saved a man's life by jumping into a freezing river in Bury has been honoured again after receiving royal recognition for his bravery.

PC Mohammed Nadeem, who was a student officer at the time, jumped into the cold waters of the River Irwell in February 2018, after officers received reports of a distressed man on a bridge. 

Several officers had been deployed but once PC Nadeem saw the man had gone beneath the water, he jumped from an 8ft drop into the Irwell to save him.  

Bury Times: Image from the bodycam footage of the rescueImage from the bodycam footage of the rescue (Image: Archive)

Following the incident, PC Nadeem picked up a national Police Bravery Award and was amazed when Baywatch star David Hasselhoff appeared on screen to congratulate him, gaining him the nickname "The Hoff" by his colleagues.  

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At the time of the rescue, PC Nadeed admitted he was “not a great swimmer” and it was only when he was back on dry land that he realised how cold he was.  

He told the Bury Times at the time: “When I got out I was seriously cold, I couldn’t feel my legs much at one point.” 

He was wearing body armour and personal safety equipment as there wasn’t time to remove the items and the water was fast-moving, deep and very cold.  

Bury Times: PC NadeemPC Nadeem (Image: Archive)

The man was swimming away from the officer in the direction of a dangerous weir but PC Nadeem caught up with him. 

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He then remained in the water with the man until a ladder was lowered down to assist them in getting out. 

Following the rescue, he was taken to Fairfield General Hospital, where he was given treatment for hypothermia for around two hours. 

Bury Times: PC NadeemPC Nadeem (Image: GMP)

His heavily pregnant wife did not know about the rescue at the time and found out when the story hit headlines and social media.  

Four years on, PC Nadeem has now received the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery, the last set of awards to have been handed out in the name of the late Queen Elizabeth II. 

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Speaking about the award winners, the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Oliver Dowden, said: “We all hope we’d react with courage in the face of danger.  

Bury Times: Still from David Hasselhoff's videoStill from David Hasselhoff's video (Image: GMP)

“These people have lived through that test, and responded in the most admirable way. 

“Their selfless actions have saved lives, and I want to express profound thanks for their willingness to put themselves in danger to protect others. 

“They are all extremely worthy winners of the final Civilian Gallantry awards of Her Majesty the late Queen.” 

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