Car thefts, the supply of drugs, speeding and anti-social behaviour were highlighted by Bury residents as police crackdown on crime in the town.  

Following a recent review of neighbourhood policing, Greater Manchester Police has launched a new neighbourhood policing model to target crimes that matter the most to residents.  

The model will increase the number of PCs across the borough and see the launch of a 24/7 new alert system, "Bee in the Loop".  

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Speaking about the implementation of the new model and how it will impact Bury, Chief Inspector Samantha Jackson said: “Following the recent neighbourhood policing consultation, the residents of Bury told us that reducing crimes such as burglary, car theft, robbery, speeding, drug supply and ASB is what matters most to them. 

“With this, as part of the neighbourhood policing model, we will seek to reduce crime across our communities by ensuring – along with partners – that we are focused on preventing crime and reoffending.

"By taking this approach, we will not only reduce the opportunity of crime occurring and divert people away from offending, but also reduce the fear of crime throughout our communities and prevent harm through effective joint problem solving. 

“Under the new neighbourhood structure, we will be increasingly visible, accessible, responsive, and perhaps most importantly, more community focused.

"This will enable a more consistent approach, whilst allowing flexibility to understand residents’ needs and expectations."

CI Jackson added: “Neighbourhood policing is pivotal to keeping our communities and residents safe, and we are sending out a clear message that Bury is not the place for criminals to operate. 

“As part of the launch, we have increased activity this week and will continue over the coming days to undertake a wide range of operational activity, including targeted patrols to tackle ASB, burglary, speeding and drug dealing.

"We will also be conducting educational sessions in the local area on issues such as knife crime and drugs, to highlight the devastating impact these crimes can have on not only victims’ lives, but also families, friends, and the wider community.

“This week of amplified activity for the launch of the neighbourhood model will lay the ground for continued activity to target the priorities that have been identified by ourselves and our communities alike.” 

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