"Each day, as I step into our primary schools at Bolton School I am filled with wonder at the magic that takes place there. Seeing the joy and enthusiasm for learning that our children and their teachers share is simply amazing.  

 "We understand the importance of the foundations laid in the early years of a child's education and want every child to develop a love for learning. Whether children join our full-time Nursery setting or our co-educational Infant School, Beech House, those strong foundations are at the heart of all that we do. Whilst there is a clear and necessary focus on the building blocks of learning such as phonics, reading, writing and numeracy, our highly qualified and experienced teachers help our children to explore who they are and make connections to people around them, as well as gaining self-confidence and social support which, in turn, feeds into their early academic development.  

Bury Times: The Primary Division Choir performs on stage at The Bridgewater HallThe Primary Division Choir performs on stage at The Bridgewater Hall (Image: Bolton School)

 "As you venture around Beech House, the warmth and energy for every child is tangible. The children feel safe, valued and cared for and can’t wait to share what they’ve been doing. Whether that is enjoying a good story, experimenting in Science, learning in the outdoor environment or simply spending time with friends, the excitement and thirst for learning is clear to see.  

 "As the children reach the end of Year 2 we prepare them fully for their transition into one of our single-sex junior Schools, where they will have the freedom to grow and develop as individuals, not constrained by gender stereotypes. Our team of subject specialists working within the junior schools are passionate and keen to support and challenge pupils in their area of expertise, in order that they achieve their very best. Stepping into our girls' junior school, Hesketh House, or Park Road, our boys' junior school, the pride the children take and the confident manner in which they talk about their work is inspiring.  

 "Throughout the Primary Division we provide a wide range of opportunities to make the most of our children’s particular talents and interests both within the curriculum and in the many exciting activities which take place outside the classroom. The extra-curricular programme on offer to pupils is staggering and children have many chances to build on their interests and even find new ones.  

 "We have high aspirations for all of our pupils regardless of age, helping them to foster a love of learning, develop a sense of curiosity, self-confidence and independence in a community where they feel safe, valued and respected.  

 "Relationships are key to children’s development and that strong sense of pastoral support and development is a vital part of our work with our children and their families throughout their primary years. Such positive relationships are, I believe, the most important asset to ensuring a child’s educational success and happiness.   

"I am proud to be the Head of Primary Division at Bolton School, each of our settings is different, yet we have a shared vision of excellence for all our pupils."  

Sue Faulkner, Head of Primary Division, Bolton School.