Social Media in our society 


Social media:a new revolutionary tool come about to us in the recent ages,  the age of Information, to assist us in all our endeavours from business ventures to talking with friends.To burst the bubble, in recent times, talks have commenced about restrictions and the consequences  of using Social media as it is the platform of choice  for cyber-bullying, extortion and other crimes.


What is Social Media?


Social media is a platform or application used to share information about yourself and to communicate with other people.As distances become greater and people wanting to have an unbroken connection by distance,time or responsibility, then the popularity and usages of Social Media increases to bridge the gap between.


Examples of Social Media 


Examples of some social Media are Snapchat,Instagram,Facebook and Reddit.

Which are all very common in the Western World as means of communication.Each platform having its own “gimmick” and a different target audience.The contents of each platform vary from Instagram promoting influencers and famous celebrities whilst Reddit discusses questions and topics of users’ interests.


Dangers of Social Media’s


Social Media can be a very dangerous prospect due to the freedom of speech and anonymity that is granted to every user as privacy is a concern that has been brought in recent years.Social Media is a platform for contact and many companies struggle to regulate the posts and messages between individuals due to the sheer quantity of them.Also, according to the office of National Statistics:Children who spent more than 3 hours a day on Social Media were more likely to report high scores of Ill-mental health and one in eight children reported being bullied in the last 6 months.


In conclusion, Social Media is a very important tool used in our society but can have a negative affect on children and adults alike dependent on how and why they use it.