This weekend is the Easter bank holiday and many will be hoping for clear skies and warmer weather.

The weather recently has mainly been cold but the sun has slowly been coming out over the last few days.

This bank holiday weekend, forecaster the Met Office predicts it will be cloudy and not the warmest of temperatures.

Heavy rain is forecast for Monday. 

Here is a full forecast for Easter weekend starting from Good Friday:

Friday, April 7 (Good Friday)

7am: 4C and sunny

10am: 8C and sunny

1pm: 11C and partially sunny

4pm: 13C and partially sunny

7pm: 11C and sunny

10pm: 9C and cloudy

Saturday, April 8

7am: 6C and partially sunny

10am: 9C and partially sunny

1pm: 12C and overcast

4pm: 13C and overcast

7pm: 12C and cloudy

10pm: 10C and cloudy

Sunday, April 9 (Easter Sunday)

7am: 7C and cloudy

10am: 10C and partially sunny

1pm: 13C and cloudy

4pm: 14C and overcast

7pm: 14C and cloudy

10pm: 12C and cloudy

Monday, April 10 (Easter Monday)

7am: 9C and raining

10am: 10C and raining

1pm: 11C and raining

4pm: 12C and raining

7pm: 11C and raining

10pm: 10C and cloudy

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