Plans to turn a house in Bury into a 10-bed house in multiple occupation (HMO) have attracted objections surrounding traffic, crime and noise. 

The detached five bedroom house on Walmersley Road, next to Raymond Avenue, is currently being used as a family home.

The changes made would see the property have five bedrooms on the ground floor and another five bedrooms on the first floor with a large basement for storage.

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To the back of the property, which used to be a care home, there would be seven car parking bays and a bike storage area under the plans.

The planning application sent to the council has led to seven objections from residents worried about excess traffic, a potential increase in crime and rise in noise disturbances.

One objection submitted stated: “We object to proposed conversion of residential property to a large HMO.

“Firstly, we already have lots of HMO properties in the area.

“From the bottom of Walmersley road to number 240 there are 20 or more HMO properties including a large HMO (number 153-157) and numbers 230-232.

“This results in a different types of communities in the area. I believe Walmersley road has the most HMO properties in Bury.

“Similarly having such a large 10-bedroom HMO will inevitably cause noise pollution and anti-social behaviour issues.

"This has happened in other HMO properties in the area.

“Parking will also be an issue.

"Seven parking bays mean lots more cars on street. The flats nearby and residents on Walmersley road all park on the side streets as well as the street residents.

“The 10 residents in the HMO and possibly family and friends will make the street potentially dangerous.

“Finally, we have not been informed as to why another HMO is needed in the area or who will be living there.”

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Another stated: “I am strongly opposed to this as a local resident, we already have enough of these in the area and police attend the other regularly.

“This building would make an exceptional family home which would benefit our area.

“Walmersley isn't the safe place for our children to grow up as it used to be, we don't need to make the situation worse by creating more of these HMOs in our area...especially when there is already several. We have our fair share!”

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A decision on the application is set to be made at a later date.

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