A popular tortoise and terrapin weigh-in event was back in Bury town centre at the weekend and was a huge success once again.

The event, which has been running for over 35 years and is organised by John Thorpe, the Northern regional chairman of the British Chelonia Group, took place on Saturday, April 22 at Wilko at The Rock.

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Over six hours, a total of 67 tortoises and terrapins were brought in by their owners to be weighed, measured and checked over by John and veterinary surgeon Vince Wager from Valley Vets in Rochdale.

John said: “The object of the event has always been to give information, help and advice absolutely free to anyone wishing to attend, and we had many owners new to the event with animals they had only recently obtained.

“Good, sensible care advice can mean the difference between life and death for an animal, particularly one which is so often misunderstood, as in the case of tortoises and terrapins.”

Read more: Popular tortoise and terrapin ‘weigh-in’ returns to Bury

Some people have been going to the event for more than 20 years and John says that the six hours of work was well worth the effort.

He added: “My thanks to Wilko's store management for their cooperation and encouragement, to Vince Wager for his selfless donation of time and expertise, and last but not least to all the caring owners who made the effort to attend and stood patiently in a queue waiting to be seen.

“We were working as fast as we could!

“The next event will be in September, with the permission of the store, and we look forward to welcoming anyone who would benefit from our help and advice.”

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