To lead or not to lead 



Scouting.Scouting is an international organisation present in a plethora of countries including England.Thus to say that a large proportion of the youth are members and a smaller selection have become apart of the young leader program to help assist the leaders that provide a excellent, selfless service to educate,nurture and develop the new generation into fine young adults. 


Leaders are extremely important in Scouts as they are volunteers and as Scouting grows to accommodate new members then so should the amount of leaders.Leaders are very active in the community of scouting as they lead and participate in events to help bring joy to the youth either by competitions or meet-ups.


And as one scout leader said” Being a leader gives a great opportunity, to see young develop skills,grow in confidence and learn to get along with others who may be quite different from themselves”.This statement is very important as many have the impression that it is a gruelling demanding responsibility with no outcome but isn’t helping the future a reward within itself?


All in all, why not pop on down to your local scout group and offer to help yourself and the volunteers.As all help is welcomed, whether that is running games to entertain the youth or helping prepare for the activity or even just speaking to them about their day,their lives or a passion of yours.Just remember everyone can help to do their little bit young(14+) or old and any background from around the globe.