The vice chair of Bury FC Supporters’ Society (BFCSS) has urged members to support a merger with a fellow fans group before voting closes this week.

The fan-led society is urging members to vote in favour of a proposed merger between the group and the Shaker’s Community Society, which represents supportes of Bury AFC.

The vote is the second attempt the groups have made to amalgamate the two clubs in an effort to restore professional men’s football to Bury.

An initial vote, which took place last October, saw the proposals fail to pass by just 3.7 per cent, despite a large majority voting in favour of the plans.

If successful, the merger will see a new club formed under the name Bury FC.

A two thirds majority in favour of the amalgamation must be reached if the plans are to go ahead.

BFCSS members have until 7pm on Wednesday, May 3 to vote online but votes can be cast in person from 6.30pm prior to the start of the meeting at which the result will be announced, which begins at 7pm on Friday, May 5.

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BFCSS vice chair and chairman of The Bury Football Club Ltd, Alistair Rowe, says around 300 eligible voters have not yet cast their ballot and he urged any members who have not yet voted to do so before the deadline.

He said: “We’re urging all society members who are eligible to vote to either vote online or vote in person or to nominate a proxy to vote for them if they cannot attend in person.

“Sixty three per cent wanted to merge last time, so there is a mandate there to go ahead for a second vote which is why we’ve gone ahead with it.

“The funding is irrefutable, the amount of funding that’s available, and quite honestly people in Bury deserve the right to have football back at Gigg Lane.

"One team unified is the best chance of success going forward.

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“It will be benefit the whole community and the town of Bury.”

He added that any member who voted early but has since changed their mind can contact Mi Voice, which are facilitating the vote, and ask them reset their choice so they can vote again.

If the merger is successful, board members from the Shakers’ Community Society and BFCSS have been nominated to form an interim board which will take control following the result.

These members will then look to form a new supporters society.

Mr Rowe urged members to support a "yes" vote before Friday, adding, “it’s the best for everybody really".

Members of Bury AFC’s Shaker’s Community Society have until midnight to vote on Thursday, May 4.